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We understand how confusing it can be when you’re thinking of buying a new bed or mattress. There’s so much choice, so where do you start?

Our Bed Buyers’ Guide is your step-by-step aid to help you on your bed buying journey. The eight-part guide starts with identifying the telltale signs that your existing bed might be past its best and goes on to explain the different types of bed products available.

We then share practical steps to follow when buying your bed and important info on how to care for your bed to ensure it lasts as long as it should.

We share a list of useful contacts if you have specific medical concerns around your sleep and include our most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about all things beds and beyond!

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What We Do – And Don’t Do

We Do – provide professional, unbiased and generic advice on everything you need to know about beds and mattresses to help you navigate through your bed-buying journey. We have no allegiance to any specific type of product, any one brand or any particular bed retailer.

We Don’t –  provide a complaint resolution service or inspections if you have a dispute with your bed retailer, even if your bed was manufactured by a National Bed Federation member. However, we can advise you on what next steps are available to you and provide you with relevant contact details. 

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Bed Buyers Guide

Get advice and help to find your perfect bed and a great night’s sleep.

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Why Buy NBF Approved Brands?

Buy with confidence, knowing that what you’re buying is SAFE, CLEAN and HONEST.

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Find a Retailer

Retailers who support our aims and predominantly stock beds and mattresses made by our members

So how can you be sure that you are going to buy a mattress that is everything it says it is?

Simple: buy a product made by an Approved NBF Member.

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Please note we do not offer a consumer complaints service - see our FAQs for further details

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