Caring for Children's Beds

Caring for children’s beds should follow the same lines as caring for adult beds. Here are some simple dos and don’ts:
Do air the bed to cool and dry it by throwing back the bedclothes for around 20 minutes before remaking
Don’t leave polythene wrappings on new mattresses – this could lead to dampness, mildew and rotting through condensation build up during sleep
Do put washable protective covers on the mattress and the pillows. Breathable waterproof covers are also a good idea for younger children
Don’t sit on the edge of the child’s bed. This will weaken the edge of the mattress and base by concentrating weight in the same small area
Don’t let children bounce on the bed – it damages the mattress and could hurt the child
Occasionally – every few months – the mattress and base should be vacuumed to remove dust and fluff. For eczema and asthma sufferers vacuum weekly. This should be carefully and gently done – so as not to dislodge fillings by pulling on tufts and buttons
Sprung mattresses (unless they are specifically described as non-turn) should be turned over every week for the first month and thereafter every three months (or according the manufacturers’ instructions). All mattresses should be rotated occasionally head to foot. Turning helps the upholstery fillings to settle down evenly
Don’t roll up a mattress to store or squash into a car – this can cause permanent damage
Do ensure covers and bedding, including pillows and duvets, can be washed regularly at 60°C or more
Bed Advice UK Caring for Children's Beds

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Bed Advice UK Caring for Children's Beds

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Bed Advice UK Caring for Children's Beds

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Bed Advice UK Caring for Children's Beds

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