Feng Shui Bedroom

You spend a third of your life in bed so it’s important that the bedroom is a space for rest and relaxation. To sleep well, the bedroom should be a positive environment. It shouldn’t make you feel stressed, worried or anxious.

Feng Shui is a concept that involves balancing the home to create happier and more successful lives. Some of you may have never heard of Feng Shui, others aware of it but don’t how to incorporate into the home while there are those who are seasoned Feng Shui’ers.

What is Feng Shui?

It’s an ancient art and science that’s been around for thousands of years. It originated in China where ‘feng’ means wind and ‘shui’ means water – both associated with good health

Feng Shui Tips For The Bedroom

Here’s a few of the best Feng Shui tips for the bedroom to allow for better sleep:

  • Invest in a bigger and better bed with a headboard to provide a feeling of support. Good Feng Shui suggest you do not buy used mattresses as you don’t know what energy they’re bringing from previous owners (and there’s a hygiene risk too!)
  • Position the bed centrally in the room. It shouldn’t directly face an open door, be on the same wall or under a beam or window.
  • Remove clutter from under the bed. It creates unnecessary stress – a simple mess-free bedroom is ideal – plus energy needs to circulate around you when you sleep.
  • Decorate with soothing earth toned colours (creams, light yellows, light greens) for maximum serenity.
  • Bedside tables should come in pairs as they promote balance and harmonious energy.
  • Limit electronic devices in the room as they distract from rest and relaxation.
  • Use candles and ambient lighting. Try adding small lamps, preferably in pairs, to bedside tables to avoid using overheard harsh lighting.

If you feel you need to create a more positive environment in the bedroom, try a couple or several of these tips to create a sleep-friendly space.

Bed Advice UK Feng Shui Bedroom

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Bed Advice UK Feng Shui Bedroom

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Bed Advice UK Feng Shui Bedroom

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