Hygge Bedroom

Meet the mood for Danish warmth and atmosphere and embrace the Hygge style in the bedroom.

Hygge, pronounced “Hue-gah”, roughly translates to ‘cosiness’ and ‘special atmospheres’ and is defined as more of a feeling or mood, than a word.

In our busy lives, it’s never been more important to sit back, relax and enjoy the small things in life. Many of us take great comfort and pleasure in the home – in particular the bedroom – and our décor is personal. It is what we use to help us unwind, recharge and be inspired.

Create a sanctuary you can relax in

When it comes to winding down at bedtime, there’s nothing more important than your bedroom.  It should be a safe, calm haven.

The centre piece in any bedroom is the bed. In true hygge style it should be big, snuggly and super-comfortable. You want to be cocooned in a deep mattress teamed with sumptuous duvets and luxurious bedding (especially on a dark, cold night). Layer with velvety throws and cosy cushions to add warmth.

Make your bedroom warm and welcoming by playing around with neutral colours – nothing too vivid or stimulating – for a harmonious feel. Add texture in the form of chunky knitted blankets, deep super soft carpets or rugs and quality linens for ultimate comfort and relaxation.

Reading is a great way to wind down before bed so snuggle in bed with a good book, use ambient lighting and light candles in soothing ‘sleepy’ scents for cosiness and serenity.

Tidy away unnecessary clutter but make sure the space is adorned with the things you love – favourite pictures, books and even plants. You want to enjoy your bedroom. It is the place where you can let go of any stresses and worries.

Bed Advice UK Hygge Bedroom

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Bed Advice UK Hygge Bedroom

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Bed Advice UK Hygge Bedroom

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