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The Secret to Managing Dry Bedroom Air This Winter

It’s important to keep your home well-heated during the winter months to avoid freezing pipes and other potential damage, as well as to look after your health. But with low temperatures comes the frequent use of heating systems, and although central heating is a...

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New Year – New Bed? Bed Buying Tips for the Boxing Day and January Sales

Who doesn't love a good bargain? With the internet and high street rife with tempting discounts, bargains and the big red "SALE" sign, you might be considering buying a new bed, particularly if it's over 7 - 8 years old! So how do you go about it, and how do you make...

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Create the Ultimate Guest Experience this Christmas

Alongside the important questions of "How many different types of potato do we need with our dinner?" and "Do we really need to buy crackers this year?" comes the question of where you will put your guests that are coming to stay and how to make them as comfortable as...

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Santa Sleep Secrets – blog swap with The Sleep Charity

Christmas Eve is the one time of the year when children’s excitement, anticipation and eagerness is at an all-time high. It can be tough to try and get your little ones off to sleep when they’re feeling restless and agitated but Lisa Artis from The Sleep Charity...

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Vegan Month: What is a Vegan Bed and How Can I Buy One?

With the growth of veganism hitting almost every industry, it's no surprise that there is now a demand for beds and mattresses that don't directly contain animal products. If you are considering a more animal-free choice the next time you go bed shopping, keep...

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5 Things You Should Do with Your Extra Hour as the Clocks Go Back

National Sleep In Day on Sunday 31st October marks the clocks going back one hour as BST ends and GMT begins. Having a lie-in is the obvious answer to making the most of our extra precious hour; making your favourite drink, grabbing a book, or just cosying up and...

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How to fire-proof your bedroom this Fire Prevention Week

When we picture fires occurring at home, we often imagine them starting in the kitchen whilst cooking hot food, but did you know the bedroom, particularly the bed, is also a common place for fires to start? This Fire Prevention Week, we're sharing how to ensure your...

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How you can support #RecycleWeek with your mattress

It is #RecycleWeek, but why would an organisation that's all about beds be talking to you about recycling? Did you know only about 20% of mattresses are recycled? Far too many end up in landfill sites that could have been recycled or re-used. Not only is this bad for...

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Why you should buy your next bed from a Retail Champion

It's difficult to know where to start when shopping for a new bed – what do you buy, where do you buy it from, and what materials should you look for? There are so many retail outlets to choose from too – from national bed-specific retailers to small niche...

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Back to school – declutter that messy bedroom

As the school holidays draw to a close, sleep routines have been disrupted for many, with weeks of late nights, lie-ins and special days out. With sleep deprivation known to affect everything from a child’s attention span to their planning and problem-solving skills...

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New Bed to Sleep Better for a New School Year

This month our guest blogger, Lisa Artis, Deputy CEO of The Sleep Charity, which the NBF supports shares her thoughts on why the school summer holidays are the perfect times to review your child’s bed requirements… Summer holidays are a fun and exciting time for...

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Create the ideal bedroom sleep environment

Your bedroom environment is essential in helping you achieve quality and consistent sleep. To create the ideal bedroom environment, you should consider the following: Light Light and dark are strong cues in telling your body when it’s time to wake up or go to sleep....

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