caring for your bed

Caring for your bed

– Prolong the life of your mattress

Bed Buyers’ Guide

Here are a few things to remember when you get your new bed home:

Don't bend or roll your new mattress

Don’t bend or roll your new mattress

It will permanently damage the spring unit and invalidate any warranties or guarantees.

Air it out

Air it out

Air your new mattress well before use and regularly – take it outside if you can and gently vacuum the top from time to time. Have an upcoming holiday? Strip the bedclothes the next time you go away to give it a decent time to air.

Rotate your mattress regularly

Rotate your mattress regularly

Follow the care instructions supplied with your mattress to prolong its life and minimise the effects of settlement or body impressions. In the absence of any instructions, if you have bought a non-turn, one-sided mattress, rotate it weekly in the first three months and monthly thereafter.

If you have a two-sided mattress that is designed to be flipped over/turned and rotated, alternate rotating and flipping it over each week for the first three months, then alternate monthly thereafter. Some retailers offer a turning service if you can’t do it yourself.

Body shaped impressions are normal

Body shaped impressions are normal

Impression marks – sometimes known as settlement – are a normal characteristic of quality mattresses working as intended to conform to the shape of your body. These will be minimised with regular rotating (and flipping if two-sided).

Time to get used to your new bed

Getting used to your new bed

Your body will take a while to adjust to sleeping on a new surface, so don’t worry if your new bed doesn’t immediately meet your expectations. Give it time – it could take a few weeks.

how to clean mattress stains

Clean mattress stains

Ensure you clean any stains as soon as they appear and always use a mattress protector. Check out our handy guide on how to clean mattress stains, below.

Is it time for a replacement?

If you are taking good care of your mattress but you are starting to notice lumps and bumps, creaks and crunches, and waking up with a sore back, it might be time to replace it.

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