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Summer Sleep for Teens

The summer holidays are here and while young people may rejoice at not having to get out of bed for school, The Sleep Charity is urging parents to not let their teens sleep patterns slide too much otherwise come September, they are in for a shock! Ask any teenager...

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Here’s What You Should Do to Sleep Well During Your Holiday

Sun cream? Check. Sunglasses? Check. Passport? Check. The holiday season is upon us. So, as well as packing the essentials, read our tips on how you can sleep well in that unfamiliar bedroom environment. Tips before you arrive at your accommodation Not all hotel rooms...

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11 Ways to Keep Cool in Bed This Summer

We are a sun-starved nation that yearns for warmer weather and then complains when it's too hot to sleep at night. It's in our blood!   The good news is you don't have to suffer any longer! Here are our tips to help you combat those long, hot sleepless nights this...

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Why the Bed Can Make or Break Your Holiday

City minibreak or a watersports adventure? Self-catered apartment by the coast or a rustic villa nestled in the hills?  When we plan our holidays, we usually try to do as much research and planning as possible before we click 'book now' and part with our cash. We...

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How to Avoid Being Scammed When Buying a New Bed – #ScamsAwarenessMonth

With the rising cost of living, it's tempting to pick up a bargain wherever you can, whether that's heading to the reduced area in the supermarket or getting a deal on a mattress that appears to be too good to be true. But this Scams Awareness Month, we’re warning...

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7 Things You Really Shouldn’t Be Doing in Bed

Our bedrooms are increasingly becoming multifunctional spaces - we are no longer just using them as a place to sleep. But, like everything, there should be boundaries in place to ensure your bed remains a haven to retreat to at the end of the day. Don’t… Eat: crumbs...

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The Benefits of Buying Your New Bed In-Person

So, you have decided you need a new bed, you have even taken the Bed MOT to be sure, but do you buy in-store or online? Is one better than the other? During the height of the pandemic, when so many bricks and mortar retailers had to close, we made a beeline for the...

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Organise Your Bedroom with These Simple Steps

Spring is in the air. Leaping bunnies, hatching chicks, egg-shaped chocolate everywhere we look. And the Big Spring Clean. There's something about the change in season, lighter mornings, longer days and more sunlight that makes so many of us feel the urge to grab the...

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#NationalBedMonth Take Care of Your Bed and it will Take Care of You

Do you want to get the most out of your bed and mattress? Of course, you do! So, it is crucial to take good care of it. It is an investment – just like you would take your car for its MOT and service, your bed also needs some TLC! Once you have found the right bed,...

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Why a Bigger Bed Might Improve Your Relationship

Do you sleep well at night? Does your partner? Partner disturbance is a common reason people don't sleep well at night. From snoring and accidental kicking to breathing too close to your face - they are enough to make anyone consider a bigger bed - or a bed of their...

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How to Create a Romantic Bedroom Setting

Love it or loathe it, Valentine’s Day is the one day a year so many of us unashamedly go all out with kind gestures, soppy words and thoughtful gifts for our loved ones. To help you set the mood - because if not for Valentine's Day, then it might come in handy one day...

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