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We spent around a third of our lives in bed so if you’re having difficulty sleeping one of the first things to look at is your bed.

What you sleep on plays a huge part in how well you doze. A comfortable, supportive bed can make the difference between a restorative night’s sleep and poor quality sleep that results in tiredness and fatigue with research showing that sleeping on an uncomfortable bed could rob you of up to an hour’s sleep.

While you could be doing all the right things when it comes to sleep – eating the right foods, exercising regularly, switching off gadgets before bedtime, winding down properly and sleeping in cool, quiet and dark bedroom – if you’re sleeping on old, unsupportive and unhealthy bed you STILL won’t get a refreshing night’s sleep.

How to determine if your bed would improve your chances of a better night’s sleep…

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Bed Advice UK Bed MOT

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Bed Advice UK Bed MOT

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Buy with confidence, knowing that what you’re buying is SAFE, CLEAN and HONEST.

Bed Advice UK Bed MOT

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Retailers who support our aims and predominantly stock beds and mattresses made by our members

So how can you be sure that you are going to buy a mattress that is everything it says it is?

Simple: buy a product made by an Approved NBF Member.

Bed Advice UK Bed MOT

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