child bedroom environment

Creating The Perfect Children’s Bedroom Environment

A restful bedroom environment and good quality sleep go hand in hand. We all fall asleep more easily when we’re in a comfortable environment, so follow our top tips to help you create a restful bedroom for your little one:


Make sure the room is well aired.


The temperature should be around 16-20°C.


Choose suitable curtains to darken the environment. Blackout blinds can be particularly helpful in the summer months.


Avoid overstimulating colours in the bedroom such as bright red. Try calming colours such as neutrals and pastel shades.


A quiet room can encourage better sleep. Check what noises can be heard from your child’s room.


Eliminate electronic devices from the bedroom. If this isn’t possible, try to separate areas of the bedroom for sleep and play. It’s important that children and teens know that the bed is a place for rest.


Freshly laundered bedding is important.


Cover toys if they are causing a distraction at night or zone off the room so that they are out of sight.


Check whether the mattress and the pillows are comfortable.


Are there any posters that may appear to be frightening when the lights are off?


Move the bed away from the radiator.


As children get older you can involve them in planning their bedroom design so that they have ownership of it.