You don’t need a night away in an expensive hotel to create a romantic atmosphere this Valentine’s Day. In fact, there are many advantages to a romantic night in your own home. No check out time. No forgetting to put up the “Do not Disturb” sign. Staying at home means your bedroom is more adaptable and best of all, budget friendly.

How to prepare your romantic bedroom

1. Lighting

Many of us are used to bright artificial lighting in the home, but softer, more ambient lighting can make all the difference in the bedroom. Soft, yellowish lighting reminiscent of a fireplace will make you both feel warm and calm. Alternatively, why not try lighting a couple of candles for a romantic setting? Never use red lighting in the bedroom. Contrary to what you might expect, this has been shown to cause stress – not the outcome you desire!

2. Music

While many of us have very different tastes in music, ideally what you are looking to create is a gentle, soothing ambience. Think Marvin Gaye!

3. Scents

Scents such as jasmine or ylang ylang have been shown to elicit a sensual response. Lavender and geranium are naturally calming. Don’t go overboard – a pillow mist or hint of your favourite aftershave or perfume will do it. If you don’t want to invest in essential oils or candles, the most important scent of all is cleanliness.

4. Colours

If you have a selection of bedding, warm colours can work wonders in setting the mood. If all you have are crisp ‘whites’, use lighting to create a cosy environment.

5. Get rid of the gadgets

Achieving relaxation and intimacy is so much harder when you throw digital distractions into the mix. TVs, computers, phones and tablets should be off, and best of all, not in the bedroom at all!

6. Cleanliness

A messy bedroom is a mood killer. Put laundry away, move any papers and filing into another room and tidy up.

Bedroom mess is a distraction when your attention should be focused on one thing – your partner.

7. The bed

Last but by no means least, you need to get your bed looking as inviting as possible. Plump up the pillows, pre-make the bed with freshly laundered sheets. Just because you aren’t staying in a hotel, it doesn’t mean you can’t try and attain a five-star finish!

Don’t forget to make sure the bed is big enough and supportive enough for a night of passion. If you’ve had it more than seven years, maybe now’s the time to change it – you don’t want it collapsing or a spring sticking in the wrong spot!!

Bedtime should be a blissful part of any Valentine’s day (or any day to be precise) — the point at which you close the door on the world, cosy up together in bed in a welcome moment of intimacy, then drift off into a sumptuous night’s sleep.

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