How to Care for Your Bed this National Bed Month

Mar 11, 2024 | Mattresses

We all deserve some TLC, including our beds! If you have recently bought a new bed, it is now really important to ensure you take good care of both the mattress and the bed base.

Not only will a well-looked-after bed provide the support and comfort you need to get a healthy night’s sleep, but it will also extend your mattress’s lifespan, leading to less waste and fewer mattresses going to landfill – kinder to your purse and the planet! 

See your bed as an investment in your health and wellbeing – just like you would take your car for its MOT and service, you should also regularly check that it is performing as it should and still providing you with the comfort and support you need to sleep well.

Once you have found the right bed, here is how to care for it:

  • Rotate your mattress regularly: rotate it from end to end to help minimise impression marks. It is important that you also turn (flip) it over every week for the first few months, and then monthly after that. However, if you have a non-turn (non-flip), also known as a single-sided mattress, this has been specifically designed not to be turned but must still be rotated from end-to-end.
  • Don’t bend or roll your new mattress if delivered flat: It will permanently damage the spring unit and invalidate any warranties or guarantees. Similarly, don’t treat it like a trampoline and avoid standing on it if you can – we know how tempting it can be when changing the sheets!
  • Air it out: air your new mattress well before use and regularly – take it outside if you can and gently vacuum the top from time to time. Have an upcoming holiday? Strip the bedclothes the next time you go away to give the bed a decent length of time to air.
  • Keep it clean: clean the base with a soft brush to remove fluff and dust, or with a vacuum cleaner very carefully and with the window wide open. While the bed is moved out from any walls, vacuum thoroughly under and around the bed – it can yield masses of dust and fluff!
  • Our beds withstand all kinds of spillages and seepages over their lifetime, so make sure you use a mattress protector to help avoid the mattress itself staining. If your mattress is stained, read our guide on cleaning the common offenders.
  • Ensure your bed base sufficiently supports your mattress – putting a new mattress on an old bed base can be a false economy!
  • Remember: expect some degree of body impressions – also known as settlement or dipping – it’s a sign your mattress is conforming to the shape of your body.

Is it time for a replacement?

If you are taking good care of your mattress but are starting to notice lumps and bumps, creaks and crunches, and waking up with a sore back, it might be time to replace it. Take our quick and simple quiz to determine if you need a new bed. See our previous blog for tips for buying a new one.

This post was first published 07.03.22 and has since been updated and republished.

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