Coil Springs Explained

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Coil spring or open coil units are the most commonly used in mattresses, as they can be mass-produced cost-effectively.

They consist of larger springs all linked together. There is no fabric around them hence ‘open coil’. A double size would typically contain around 300 springs.

Fillings used tend to be fiber pads or standard foam, although more luxurious models could include a layer of memory foam or latex foam.

Pressure and movement is transferred over the entire surface meaning less independent support so when one person turns over, the other feels it.

They generally feel firmer than pocket springs with more bounce and some side-to-side movement. On the plus side they are less expensive than pocket springs and much lighter to carry or turn.

Bed Advice UK Coil Springs Explained

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Bed Advice UK Coil Springs Explained

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Bed Advice UK Coil Springs Explained

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Bed Advice UK Coil Springs Explained

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