Sun cream? Check. Sunglasses? Check. Passport? Check.

The holiday season is upon us. So, as well as packing the essentials, read our tips on how you can sleep well in that unfamiliar bedroom environment.

Tips before you arrive at your accommodation

Not all hotel rooms in warmer climates have aircon, but it is certainly a perk on those hot sticky nights! If you know you are travelling to a hot climate, check if the hotel room has an aircon or even a portable fan you can borrow. There’s nothing worse than tossing and turning in a hot bed you are not used to, unable to sleep.

If it does not have aircon and you think you will be opening the window instead, check if your hotel is on a busy road or in the town centre. Could street noise disrupt your sleep with the window open? If yes, pack some earplugs just in case. You can never guarantee quiet neighbours too!

Often in hotter climates, the fabrics used in bedrooms are thinner and lighter to improve breathability and airflow. This might mean thin curtains that allow in more morning light than you are used to. Alongside your sun cream, an eye mask could be your next best friend on this trip.

Tips for when you have arrived at your hotel

With the balmy evenings, it is tempting to quench your thirst and cool down with jugs of cold sangria or icy cocktails. But, if you can, really try to avoid too much alcohol (and food) at least two hours before bedtime. Too much booze can leave your body deprived of what it crucially needs at the end of the day – good quality sleep. There’s nothing worse than waking up in the night or the morning after being seriously dehydrated, gasping for water and likely with a sore head… The Sleep Charity shares more advice on alcohol and all things sleep on their website.

Tips before you check out and travel home

If you found that you generally slept better on holiday than you did at home and the bed was more comfortable than yours, it is probably time to think about buying a new one, especially if you realise yours is lumpy and bumpy, sagging in the middle and you cannot remember when you purchased it!

If your holiday bed or pillow are really comfortable, try finding out what type it is – pull back the covers and read the description label. Make a note of the brand or model name and follow this up by searching for it online to see whether you can buy it, or something very similar, in the UK.

Didn’t find your bed that comfortable and dream of the moment you can fall into your own? This goes to show how important our relationship with our bed is, and how crucial it is that we take good care of it to prolong its lifespan and invest in a good quality bed when it is time to replace it. 

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