When planning a holiday, people tend to do as much research as they possibly can before booking and paying. They check reviews on the resort – does it suit their preferences? Is it quiet and laid back or bustling, full of bars and restaurants? Is there plenty to do if the weather isn’t great?

And the accommodation – whether that’s a hotel, self-catering apartment, villa or guest house. Again they check all the amenities – does the hotel offer entertainment, childcare, leisure facilities? Does the apartment or villa have satellite TV, a separate swimming pool, good cooking facilities, a washing machine etc?

However, there is one thing that has the potential to make or break a holiday – and that’s the bed! How do you possibly know whether the bed is going to be your liking? You may be able to read a few reviews where people mention how comfortable the bed was but comfort is so subjective. What one person finds comfortable, others may find far too firm or too soft for their liking.

OK, most of us can put up with an uncomfortable bed for one or two nights but when you’re staying for a week, ten days or a fortnight, an uncomfortable bed has the potential to literally ruin your holiday. It’s not just the sleepless nights that may leave you feeling tired and irritable, an uncomfortable bed can result in back ache, shoulder pain, neck pain and hip pain that can affect your ability to walk, swim or even lie down and sunbathe comfortably!

On the other hand, if you find that you generally sleep better on holiday than you do at home and you find the bed to be more comfortable than yours, it is probably time to think about buying a new one, especially if it’s over 7-8 years old. If your holiday bed is the most comfortable one you’ve ever slept on, try finding out what type it is – pull back the covers and read the description label. Make a note of the brand or model name and follow this up by searching for it on the internet to see whether you can buy it, or something very similar, in the UK.

Holidays are generally fantastic and many of us would love to stay longer but how often have you heard people say that they can’t wait to get back home to their own bed. That tells us everything we need to know about our relationship with our bed and how important it is that we invest in a good quality, comfortable one.

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