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Dec 9, 2020 | Sleep & Wellbeing

It can be difficult to know where to start when looking for a new bed – what to buy, where to buy it from, and what materials to look for.

That’s why we thought we would share with you the winners for this year’s prestigious NBF Bed Industry Awards, announced last week. The winners are voted by a panel of independent judges.

The 2020 Finalists are:

Small Bed Retailer of the Year (less than 10 stores)

Prestige Beds

It impressed all the judges with the progressive steps they had taken during the first lockdown – making the most of their online channel and supporting key workers with special promotions

Online Bed Retailer of the Year

Mattress Online

It was praised for investing in marketing, successfully revamping its product offer. During lockdown it supported its suppliers and expanded staff.

Large Bed Retailer of the Year (10 or more stores)

Furniture Village

Awarded for the real industry leadership shown during the first lockdown this year, stealing a march on their rivals, going the extra mile across their stores, making customers feel safe and getting their stores back open at the earliest available opportunity.

Bed of the Year

Harrison Spinks Velocity 8750 mattress

A pocket sprung mattress that, through the introduction of new technology, rolls and can be conveniently delivered direct to the consumer, therefore taking the mattress in a box market to a welcome, new higher level aligned with the existing Harrison Spinks brand position.

Bed Component Product of the Year

Enkev (UK) GOTS certified range of fillings

Transparent, sustainable products that are good for the consumer, the environment and most importantly, for our industry.

Covid 19 Community Champion Award

The Vita Group

Awarded the winner for several innovative products that will benefit the local and wider communities.

Sustainability Award

Bekaert Deslee

It was praised for it’s commitment to sustainability and the application of new digital technologies to make it a more sustainable business.

For more information on the winners visit the NBF website here.


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