Pocket Springs Explained

Jan 1, 2022 | Mattresses

Pocket Springs are individual springs housed in a fabric pocket.

Higher quality mattresses use a natural calico or cotton fabric for better ventilation. They are also hand tied or stitched to each other making then highly responsive. They work independently of each other and conform well to body shape.

They are ideal for couples with significant weight differences, as when one person moves, the other isn’t disturbed.

They tend to be more expensive as they take longer to build and generally have better quality fillings over the springs – including natural ones such as wool, silk and cashmere.

The number of pocket springs in a king sized mattress starts with 800 pocket springs for a basic model. The more springs the better the individual support. Anything over 2000 is achieved by stacking smaller springs on top.

Watch our video explaining Pocket Spring Mattresses.


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