Would You Pay More for an Eco-Friendly Mattress?

Oct 12, 2023 | Mattresses

In a world increasingly focused on sustainability, it’s heartening to see that even our choices in something as essential as a mattress are being influenced by environmental concerns. The latest consumer survey by our parent organisation, the National Bed Federation (NBF), has revealed sustainability is impacting our decisions when it comes to purchasing a new mattress.

Conducted in July 2023, the NBF’s Consumer Research highlights the growing importance of sustainability for mattress buyers. The findings showed that nearly three-quarters of those who recently purchased a mattress would be willing to pay more if they knew that the mattress had been designed and constructed in a way that prevented it from ending up in a landfill at the end of its life.

Shockingly, only 24% of mattresses are sent to be recycled each year, with the actual (materials-based) recycling rate more like 14%, meaning 4.75 million mattresses end up in landfill or are incinerated annually in the UK – but we can change that.

As Recycle Week approaches 16 – 22 October, it’s the perfect time to reflect on our purchasing decisions and consider how we can contribute to a more sustainable future. Your choice of mattress may seem like a small step, but collectively, these choices can have a significant impact on our environment.

If you’re in the market for a new mattress, why not explore more eco-friendly options? A growing number of bed manufacturers are using recycled materials like refurbished spring units and repurposed fillings, as well as raw materials such as timber and cotton that have been sustainably and ethically sourced. Remember to always buy from a reputable NBF-approved manufacturer to ensure your bed is everything it claims to be!

As our survey shows, more and more people are willing to invest in sustainable sleep. Not only will you enjoy a good night’s sleep, but you’ll rest easy knowing you’ve reduced your impact on the environment.

Remember, sustainability isn’t just a trend – it’s a mindset that can lead to positive change. Find a list of legitimate mattress recyclers and waste collection services on our Sustainability hub.


The full consumer research report is available to NBF members only and can be accessed via www.bedfed.org.uk

*The survey was carried out by ‘Censuswide’, based on a broadly representative sample of 1,000 people – by age, gender and region – who had purchased a mattress from July 2022 to July 2023.

The NBF is the recognised trade body for the bed industry and its members account for around 75% of the total UK bed turnover. 


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