Is it Time for a New Mattress? Tell-Tale Signs That Your Mattress Needs Replacing

May 1, 2024 | Beds & Accessories

As the vibrant energy of spring finally fills the air, our inner homemaker awakens, urging us to refresh and revitalise our living spaces for the sunny days ahead. And what better place to start than our bed, the place we spend one-third of our lives? Our ‘May Be Time for a New Mattress’ campaign returns this month and is the perfect reminder to ask yourself if your bed, including the mattress and base, still delivers the restorative sleep you need to function and feel good. Unsure if it’s truly time to invest in a new mattress? Here are some telltale signs:

  • You find yourself rolling into the middle of the mattress unintentionally: While we all love a cuddle, constantly gravitating toward your partner might signal your bed isn’t providing you with the same level of support it used to.
  • You can hear strange noises at night: Are mysterious “BOINGs” and “creaks” haunting your nights? A noisy mattress or base can disturb your peaceful slumber, leaving you feeling like a zombie the next day.
  • You wake up with aches and pains: Waking up with aches and pains might not be a sign of ageing but rather your bed failing to provide the support your body craves, leading to unwelcome discomfort.
  • You are disturbed every time your partner moves in bed: Does your partner’s every movement feel like an earthquake in your bed? It’s not just a lack of independent support for each user; it might be time for a bigger one. A standard UK double-size bed, measuring just 4ft 6” wide (or about 135cm) gives each user less than a baby has in a cot! Consider up-sizing to a king size (5ft or 150cm in width) or even a super king size, which is 6ft or 180cm in width.
  • Your mattress looks lumpy and bumpy: While it’s normal for a mattress to show shallow body impressions, significant dips or bumps spell out a clear message: it’s time for a new one.
  • You are embarrassed by the stains and discolouring: You should be using a mattress protector for added protection against spillages and seepages, but if your mattress shows embarrassing signs of discolouration, it might be a sign that it’s time for an upgrade.
  • You find that you sleep better in other beds: If you’re dozing off more peacefully in hotel beds or on Aunt Mabel’s guest mattress, it’s time to listen to the signs and consider a replacement.

Remember, with proper care, you can prolong your mattress’ lifespan. But just like a car needs a tune-up, your bed deserves a regular check-up too. Take advantage of our Bed MOT to ensure your bed is in prime condition for a blissful night’s sleep.


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