The 1st of January might have been the typical time to set new goals for the new year ahead, but it’s not too late to pick up a new habit. In fact, you can start a new one any day, any time. You might even be more likely to stick at it once all the hype has passed.

It might be getting out on a daily walk, swapping the evening tipple for a warm bath, eating more fruit and vegetables, or maybe it’s making your bed every morning?

Research shows people who make their beds are happier, more productive and even more adventurous! 

Benefits of making your bed

  • It makes the room less cluttered and untidy: You might think it doesn’t matter as no one will see it, but it’s nicer to look at a neat and ordered bed. Plus, a tidy bed encourages you to keep the rest of the bedroom organised, making for a tidy mind!
  • It’s a more calming environment when it comes to bedtime: When it’s time to head for bed, a neat bed provides a more relaxing and welcoming space. There’s no doubt sliding into a well-made bed feels nice and can lift your mood too.
  • It creates a routine: The act of making your bed every morning becomes part of a routine – and most of us thrive on routine. Plus, the more you do it, the quicker it gets! Starting one small habit could lead to other healthy habits in your life too.

Top tip: don’t make your bed straight away. Your bed needs time to cool down and air in the morning to help prevent dust mites, which love warm, moist environments! Read about how often you should change your sheets.

Find out how to make your bed correctly.

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