It may sound obvious but do you really know how to make your bed?

While there are some who prefer to leave it a mess (reasons being ‘no one will see it’, ‘I don’t have time’ and ‘I’ll only mess it up again later’) the majority feel there are benefits to a well-made bed – whether that’s because it makes the room look better, it’s part of a daily routine or that it puts them in the right frame of mind for the day.

Making a bed to the best possible standard can involve a number of steps you may not have considered.

How to make a bed properly

If you’ve got a fitted sheet, simply slip it on and stretch over the four corners.

If you’ve got a flat sheet, then it’s all about the corners. And the best way is to create hospital corners which keeps the sheet tight but gives a really crisp look.

Here’s a quick step by step guide to achieving hospital corners:

  • Tuck the bottom of the sheet in at the head and foot of the bed.
  • Take the excess fabric and lift up to the top of the mattress – this step should leave you with the edge of the sheet at a 45 degree angle with the corner of your mattress (think a triangle)
  • Keep hold of this angle, tuck under the fabric still hanging down the side of the bed and allow the rest of the fabric to fall.
  • You should now have a corner which you can adjust to fit the corner of the mattress, and tuck in.
  • Now just repeat the steps for the rest of the corners!

Next you need to add a duvet, quilt or comforter. Choose something that you find visually appealing. It’s your room and your bed and it needs to be a place you feel calm and relaxed. It’s important to spread and smooth out the duvet/quilt before selecting a pile of decorative pillows – at least four standard sleeping ones – for a stylish look.

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