Look for the NBF-Approved Tick on Your Next Mattress

Oct 1, 2023 | Beds & Accessories, Mattresses

You have made a list of your requirements for your new bed: outlined your budget, measured the bed size that comfortably fits your space, decided on the firmness and fillings, and possibly narrowed down a few brands to check out; you are all set to hit the shop or click ‘add to basket’! – Or are you?

Looking out for the NBF-approved tick

NBF Approved Member LogoYou may or may not have spotted the National Bed Federation (NBF) tick logo on retailers’ websites, in-store on a swing ticket or even on the label of your current mattress. It is crucial to pay attention to it – and remember it – the next time you are bed shopping.

What does that mean for me?

In a snapshot, a reputable and safe bed manufacturer has made the bed when you spot the NBF-approved tick logo. These UK and Irish manufacturers are members of the NBF – the trade association representing UK and Irish bed manufacturers and their suppliers.

NBF-approved member must undergo and pass rigorous independent auditing to certify they have robust procedures in order to comply with UK regulations on safety, cleanliness of fillings and trade descriptions.
It sounds complicated, but for you as a consumer, it’s simple: you can sleep soundly knowing your bed is safe, clean and honest – now that’s comforting! Buying beds from an NBF-approved member also means you are supporting UK and Irish jobs.

Finding a brand that has been NBF-approved

Use our Product Finder tool to discover which NBF-approved bed brands can meet your needs. Whether you need an extra-long bed, require one suitable for people with allergies, or prefer a mattress that contains recycled materials, you can source all these brands using our tool. Whether you shop in-store or online, remember to look for the NBF big tick label.

Buying the bed

NBF Retail Champion LogoLocate your nearest stockist of NBF-approved brands by using our Find a Retailer tool. NBF Retail Champions are bed retailers who have signed up to support our aims and predominantly stock beds and mattresses made by NBF members.


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