It’s All About That Base…’Bout That Base

Sep 27, 2017 | Beds & Accessories


Meghan Trainor had a valid point in her hit single from 2014 “I’m all about that bass…’bout that bass”. OK, OK, we know she was singing about that ‘bass’ and not that ‘base’.

However, when it comes to buying a mattress, what many people fail to properly understand is that the base on which the mattress sits is equally as important as the mattress itself. It’s the mattress that provides all the comfort whilst the base provides the underlying support. The two need to work in harmony for the best night’s sleep.

Just like mattresses, which come in different types and comfort options (soft, medium, firm etc), there are many different types of base available, providing different levels of support. And of course, it’s the base that offers many storage options and can help change the look and style of your bedroom. The mattress is always covered up but the base is generally on display.

Traditional divan bases can be upholstered in the latest colour and textile trends to match your bedroom décor and if you opt for a bedstead, there are literally thousands of different styles to choose from, as well as different materials such as wood, leather, metal or fabric.

The overall feel and level of support of your bed can be changed by using different base types. A sprung divan offers the softest support for a mattress but if you put the same mattress on a platform or solid top divan base, it will feel noticeably firmer.

Bedsteads are generally supplied with slats which provide a firmer feel than a sprung base. Here you have a choice of solid wood slats with no ‘give’ which offer very firm support or flexible bowed slats, usually made from beech or birch ply which offer a more ‘springy’ feel. It’s very much personal preference as to the overall level of firmness or softness that you want.

It can be false economy to place a new mattress on an old base. Although the base may appear to be in good condition, it probably won’t still be providing the level of support it did when it was new. Not only could it shorten the expected lifespan of your new mattress, it may well invalidate the guarantee.

So it’s actually all about the base…..and mattress working together.



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