How to Create Comfortable Guest Sleeping Arrangements for the Holidays

Dec 4, 2023 | Beds & Accessories, Sleep & Wellbeing

The holiday season is a time of joy and togetherness, but it also raises some important questions like, “How many different ways can we cook potatoes for our Christmas dinner?” and “Do we really need to buy crackers this year?” Another crucial question is, where will you put your guests, and how can you make their stay as comfortable as possible?

You might have come across the trending hashtag #DuvetKnowItsChristmas on X, previously Twitter, started by writer and journalist Rhodri Marsden (@Rhodri). Each year, users share amusing photos of the makeshift sleeping quarters their loved ones have put together during the festive season.

From camping beside the ironing board on a blow-up mattress to returning to their childhood bedrooms with beds that seem too small, the results are often hilarious. But, here are some tips to help you prepare for your holiday guests and avoid such comical situations.

The good news is that there are now numerous options for beds and mattresses designed specifically for guests staying over:

1. Sofa Beds

  • If you lack a spare bedroom, consider a sofa bed in a separate sitting room or study. These come in various sizes, with two-seaters or three-seaters. A two-seater version can comfortably accommodate one person, but it might be a tight fit for two.
  • Sofa beds come in two primary mechanisms. The first type has a metal frame that unfolds to reveal a mattress, offering greater comfort with a thicker mattress. This option is ideal for regular guests but tends to be more expensive.
  • The ‘click-clack’ mechanism is the second type, where you fold the back of the sofa flat to create a sleeping surface. These are great for occasional one-night sleepovers but are not as comfortable as traditional sofa beds.

2. Z-Beds

  • Z-beds and fold-out sofa chairs are perfect for single guests and won’t take up as much space as a sofa bed. They come in different models, with some having metal actions for added durability. Z-beds fold neatly and are easy to store.

3. Hideaway Beds

  • For children’s bedrooms, consider a hideaway bed, also known as a trundle or truckle bed. These have a second bed hidden underneath the main one, and some models can raise the second bed to the same level as the main bed.

4. Inflatable Mattresses

  • Inflatable air mattresses have become popular for occasional sleepovers. They vary in price and quality, with some including their pumps or self-inflation devices. Easy to store and inflate, quality can range, so it’s best not to rely solely on the cheapest options.

Bonus tips – here are five ways you can help your guests feel at home:

  • Stock up on their favourite snacks and drinks.
  • Ensure there’s a plug socket or extension cable nearby for their convenience.
  • Create a caddy or basket of toiletries and goodies for easy access.
  • Leave a little treat on their pillow to make them smile.
  • Write down the Wi-Fi password; you’re bound to be asked for it.

So, what do your sleeping arrangements look like this year?

First published 6.12.21, updated and republished 1.12.23


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