A good night’s sleep is part of a healthy lifestyle and everyone loves hopping into a clean-sheeted bed. But when was the last time you washed your pillows?

Don’t answer.

It may never have occurred you to wash your actual pillow but did you know that an old unwashed pillow could contain as much as 10% of its weight in skin scale mould, dead and living dust mites and their allergen laden droppings?

How often should I wash my pillows?

Unlike bedsheets and pillowcases that need washing on a regular basis, pillows only need washing two to three times a year to keep them smelling fresh and hygienic. Use a pillow protector too as a protective barrier to help keep pillows cleaner.

Can you wash pillows in the washing machine?

Yes, washing pillows doesn’t ruin them. There are care tags on the side of your pillow and it will tell you if it can be washed in the washing machine. However, most can (cotton, down and synthetic) and it’s easy to do. Put two pillows in at once to balance out the washer, add detergent and use the gentle cycle unless otherwise specified.  You can tumble dry them (check care instructions) on a low heat too or leave them to dry in a well-ventilated room or outside in the sun.

When it is time to buy new pillows?

Pillows affect your sleeping posture and lie next to your skin and your nostrils, so it is a good idea to invest in quality pillows, wash twice a year and replace them at least every two or three years for a healthy sleeping environment. When they have lost their ‘loft’ (height) and become lumpy, discoloured or misshapen they are definitely ready for replacement.



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