Typical Problems People Have With Buying Beds

Jan 19, 2021 | Beds & Accessories

Buying a bed is a no mean feat. There are many different types and models on the market yet many still rush into a purchase without taking the time to choose one properly. Below are the most common problems people have when buying beds.


  1. They choose a bed that’s too hard or too soft for their needs.
    Solution: People need to spend more time making the right choice of bed – trying them out properly in store; assessing from previous experience the level of firmness/softness they like. It’s your decision – not the salesman’s!
  2. They don’t understand that luxury, pocket spring beds don’t have flat surfaces – they mould themselves to the body shape and the indentation remains even if you turn the bed regularly (which is very important with this type of bed).
  3. They think they need a firm bed – because they’re suffering from aches and pains – when in fact what they need is a new bed which offers the right support for their spine (not necessarily hard at all!).
  4. They don’t realise that most mattresses need regularly turning or rotating to ensure even wear and tear and today’s mattresses can be pretty heavy! However, there are options which do not need turning.
  5. They forget that beds are large and even though divan bases usually come in two halves they can’t always get round awkward corners or up narrow stairs! Windows have been known to be removed to gain access to a bedroom!
  6. People buy nice bedsteads for their looks but often bedstead manufacturers just put a cheap mattress on them. It’s very important to get a good quality mattress for a bedstead. Fortunately the choice is growing enormously and nowadays you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for looks. You can get pocket spring mattresses made for use with slats and you can even get a fully sprung edge bed base in some bedsteads.
  7. They wait until beds are uncomfortable or damaged before replacing them – by which time sleep quality could be quite severely affected. Solution: don’t wait until your bed fails – use other triggers. Bear in mind even a good quality bed will only last around seven years.
  8. They don’t buy large enough beds. 75% of all double beds are still the standard 4ft 6in double – yet this is plainly not enough room for two adults to sleep comfortably together without regularly disturbing each other. Even upgrading to the next size a 5ft, while it takes up very little extra bedroom space, makes a considerable difference!

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